The pursuit of excellence is part of the mission of UCD. All three scholarship programmes are for students who wish to compete and succeed at the highest sporting levels while simultaneously attaining a degree at UCD. (Please follow the link to the side for details on the Ad Astra Elite Athlete Scholarships and the Graduate Sports Scholarships);

The aim of the UCD Sports Scholarship programme is to give talented young people the opportunity of developing their sporting career by offering the highest standards in coaching, training, nutrition, strength and conditioning advice, while also completing their chosen course of study. By combining sports participation with academic work in an ideal environment within the University, a safety net is provided for the student and career prospects are, to a large extent, guaranteed. Therefore, career-threatening injuries or illness or some other unforeseen circumstances do not have the same traumatic impact. The individual is encouraged through judicious balancing of the time available to ensure that neither academic nor sporting interests are compromised.

I was delighted to have been accepted onto the UCD Ad Astra Elite Athlete programme in 2013. There are numerous benefits including strength and conditioning coaches, nutritional support and physiological testing, all of which are found in one location, which is very convenient. They are experts in their fields and, alongside the Academy’s academic mentor, have greatly helped me in my preparation for Collegiate, Senior and Professional tournaments both at home and abroad. I am really looking forward to making use of the top-class facilities and expertise provided by the Academy, which I have no doubt will have me in optimum condition going to the

World Championships in Calgary, Canada in 2015.

Martin Mulkerrins UCD GAA (Handball)