Fitness Plan

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The 5 Step Fitness Plan

Get the results you've always wanted with free personal trainers at UCD Sport & Fitness Dublin

Fitness made EASY with your five day FREE personal training plan...

Step 1 - Your Fitness Consultation and Results Assessment

To ensure you get the perfect gym plan and to start seeing results quickly you will be assigned to your fully qualified personal trainer. On your first appointment your personal trainer will talk with you in detail about the results you want to achieve. Losing weight, toning up, getting fitter or reducing blood pressure; whatever you want to achieve your trainer will ensure you start with a gym plan that is just right for you.

Step 2 - Your Personalised Gym Plan

Today your trainer will guide you step by step through the equipment on your gym plan. Your trainer will make it simple and easy for you to understand how to use each piece of equipment. Remember, your plan will be designed to suite your level of fitness. This allows you the comfort to increase the level whenever you feel ready.

Step 3 – Maximising the Benefits of Your Gym Plan

On day three you will complete your workout with your personal trainer. Your trainer will be by your side helping you through every aspect of your workout to ensure you are getting the best benefits possible. This session also allows your trainer to really fine tune your plan to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit.

Step 4 – Your Tenth Visit Review

You are now becoming fitter and stronger. Some of the exercises on your plan will start to become too easy. Your trainer will sit down with you and go through your plan in detail. You can decide which areas are becoming too easy and your trainer will adjust the plan to your new improved fitness level.

Step 5 – Your New Gym Plan

After 20 sessions your trainer will redesign and update your personal fitness plan in order for you to continue to work towards your goals. You will be fitter and healthier than you've ever been and ready to try some new exercises.