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Rising to The Future
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Rising to The Future

UCD Strategy 2020-2024

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Our Strategic Themes

To shape UCD’s response to the global challenges created by our rapidly changing and transforming society, we have selected four strategic themes on which to focus our efforts. We will respond holistically to each of these themes. The themes will shape our research, influence the teaching of our faculty and our students’ learning, and impact on the way we behave and function as a community and as an institution.
We will create a governance structure to provide leadership to each theme, which will include relevant faculty, staff and student leaders to ensure that our response to the themes is truly holistic.

We will build awareness, knowledge and relevant skills in each theme area through training and development programmes for our faculty, staff and students, and for the wider community. In this way the themes will contribute to research, teaching and learning across our discipline areas, and will inform the way we conduct our business as an organisation. At the same time, we will continue to pursue excellent disciplinary research which enhances human knowledge.

We will provide a dedicated fund for each strategic theme to fund innovation and transformation projects, with priority being given to projects that will have maximum impact on our University community and wider society.

Core Statements

Our mission is to contribute to the flourishing of Dublin, Ireland, Europe and the world through the excellence and impact of our research and scholarship, the quality of our graduates and our national and global engagement; providing a supportive community in which every member of the University is enabled to achieve their full potential.

Our mottos are

  • Ad astra 'to the stars'

Reflecting our pursuit of achievement and success.

  • Cothrom na féinne 'fair play'

Reflecting our commitment to justice and equality.

Our vision for 2024 is that:

As Ireland’s Global University, UCD will rise to the global challenges of the future by pursuing four strategic themes: Creating a Sustainable Global Society; Transforming through Digital Technology; Building a Healthy World; and Empowering Humanity. These strategic themes will shape our research, our teaching and learning and the way we behave and function as a community and as an institution.

We will be truly global in our comprehensive range of disciplines, in the reach and impact of our research and innovation, in our holistic educational experience, in the diversity of our University community, and in our engagement with all sectors of society and with all regions of the world. We will be distinctive in our welcoming and inclusive community, our commitment to innovation and justice, and our agility. We will bring the best of the world to Ireland, and the best of Ireland, including its distinct cultures, to the world.

UCD will continue to be an excellent research-intensive university with global standing and impact where a preeminent, diverse and inclusive scholarly community of students, faculty and staff work in partnership to contribute to the development of Ireland and the world.

Our graduates will be imbued with a knowledge of the past, be capable of critically interrogating the present and of imagining and realising the future. Through a holistic student-focused and research-led educational experience which has both breadth and depth, they will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, experience and attitudes they need to flourish in present and future Irish and global societies.

Our Core Objectives

To focus our contribution to global challenges we have identified four strategic themes. These themes will shape our research, our teaching and learning and the way we behave and function as a community and as an institution.

To achieve our vision for 2024 we will pursue four core objectives. Pursuit of these core objectives will be underpinned by six key enablers.

Strategic Themes

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