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Increase the quality, quantity and impact of our research, scholarship and innovation.

Excellent research, scholarship and innovation are at the heart of University College Dublin, spanning all our disciplines and ranging from deep fundamental investigations to leading-edge applications.

Our commitment to the development and delivery of new knowledge and new solutions is particularly important at this time, as the environment and society is increasingly disrupted by technology. We will continue to address important questions and deliver impact through our findings, with particular emphasis on our strategic themes.

Research, scholarship and innovation have a vital role to play in talent development, and we want all who conduct, support or encounter research in UCD to flourish. We will strengthen and structure the benefits that undergraduate students gain from their education in a research-intensive environment. Postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers will experience enhanced supports for career development. We will further develop our training programmes for faculty, research staff and research support staff, based on best international practice, to support them in realising their ambitions in UCD.

Excellence in research will remain central to our faculty recruitment, and our new recruitment schemes will support the growth in our base of outstanding research faculty. We will grow our capacity within the area of our strategic themes, and we will ensure that our research engages and influences each UCD student and influences our behaviour as an organisation.

Partnerships are key to our ability to deliver impact through our research, scholarship and innovation. We will build strong partnerships with leading universities and other research bodies, with industry and with social and community organisations, and manage these partnerships in a holistic manner. A two-way conversation engaging the public will bring external insights into our research and brings our research to the public in lively and stimulating ways. We will continue to make the case for strong public support of research, based on clear and compelling articulation of the value and impact of research.

Our research intensity will be manifested in all aspects of our operations, and we will be a trusted and valued source of expertise. Our structures in support of research and innovation will be informed by best international practice. We will enhance the competitiveness of UCD researchers in securing research funding, and in commercialising their research outputs where appropriate. Our programmes for capturing and conveying research impact will be developed further. We will grow our internal funding schemes in support of research, in particular excellent research facing funding gaps in the external environment. Through developing our capability in research analytics, research performance expectations will be set and performance will be measured.

We will promote awareness of UCD research around the world, through our publications, through our engagement with the media, and through our participation in and hosting of international conferences and meetings. We will also promote the mobility of our researchers and the hosting of researchers from partner organisations.

Throughout all our research, scholarship and innovation, we will reflect our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, and will adhere to the highest standards of integrity, dignity and respect.

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