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To help you settle into life at UCD we organise orientation events for all new students.  These events run during the week before term begins and are designed to help you find your way in UCD Personalized Orientation timetable are available by degree programme. 

During Orientation you have the opportunity to make new friends and familiarise yourself with how UCD works.  As you will have begun your registration to your programme, Orientation Week gives you the opportunity to receive academic advice to help you finalise your choice of modules.  There are lots of fun activities during the week, including a comedy debate, a food fair, movie nights, sports tournaments, gigs and the Orientation Barbecue and Res Céilí.  The best thing is that Orientation doesn’t stop there! There will be more events all through the first semester to help you settle into your programme.

orientation team

How to find your way around campus?

Belfield is a very large campus and it is easy to get lost initially.   This link to the campus map shows the main buildings, car parks and services.  If you want to locate a specific service, there is an interactive map available.   When you are confident of finding your way from A to B why not take some time to explore the campus via the Woodland Walks?  This guide also gives you background information on the historical buildings on site.

UCD is very well served by public transport links.  This guide also shows commuting times by car and bike.

Peer Mentoring in UCD

UCD is a big place and while it’s exciting to be starting college, it can also be scary, even overwhelming. UCD’s Peer Mentors play a crucial role in helping new students settle into college life. Our Peer Mentors remember what it’s like to come here for the first time and they use that experience, and the knowledge they have gained since, to help new students integrate and begin to develop a sense of belonging to their programme of study and to the University more generally. Peer Mentors also gain new skills and the university as a whole benefits from an engaged and involved student body.

peer mentoring group

Peer Mentors help make coming to UCD a more welcoming, less daunting experience. As well as arranging meetings and social events for their mentees, mentors will also be available to assist with any queries or concerns which their mentees may have. In turn, mentors will be supported by their Student Adviser or Student Progression Manager.

Diversity in UCD

UCD embraces diversity welcomes students from every walk of life. Whatever your background or whichever path you took to get here you will find a welcome in UCD. Check out this student video which highlights their experience of UCD.