UCD Student Counselling Service Delivery Update: Cornonavirus (Covid-19)

Last Update: 08th October 2020

The UCD Student Counselling team is continuing to support students who are already receiving counselling using telephone and video. 

As we prepare for the new academic year (2020/21), our ambition is to offer socially distanced in-person counselling in trimester 1. In addition, the counselling team will also continue to offer phone and video counselling where deemed appropriate to accommodate students who are studying remotely. We will provide regular updates on our website to keep you informed of progress and how the service will work going forward. 

To arrange to speak with a counsellor we request that you first please read the following Student Counselling Service Information Leaflet to help you to decide if this is the appropriate option for you. If you then wish to proceed with the registration, please complete the brief UCD Student Counselling Service Registration Form which can be found at the bottom of the Student Counselling Service Information Leaflet. When we receive this form you will be registered with the Service and we will be in contact with you to update you on options for appointments as soon as possible.

The UCD Student Counselling service delivery framework is designed to avoid unnecessary stand by time for students. In the best interest of all students, if you are a registered student who is seeking counsel, please engage with the service at the time when you are ready to start counselling. Be assured when you register, you will be offered a counselling appointment within three weeks of your request where resources allow. We work with counselling services in the vicinity of UCD, to provide counselling at busy times.   


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.



What if I need urgent help?

If you are feeling very distressed and need urgent mental health support, you need to contact your GP surgery to request an emergency appointment. Additional options for immediate assistance can also be found here.


Are there any other services available to me outside of the UCD Counselling Service? 

The following services may also be of assistance: 

HSE primary care psychology service 

HSE Mental health service 

both the above are accessed through your GP 

  • Pieta
  • Samaritans
  • Jigsaw
  • Spunout

The University’s free CBT self-help tool SilverCloud is an excellent resource and is actively helping students deal with emotions such as anxiety and stress at this time.