COVID-19 UCD Exams Information

The University acknowledges that with the changing circumstances around COVID-19, the constant stream of information around what to do, particularly in relation to the examinations, it can be difficult to navigate and can lead to anxiety. 

The following is a summary of key information that you will need to be aware of in relation to your examinations. 

This information applies to all assessments scheduled/due for submission between 22 November 2021 and 23 December 2021.

If you are unwell before or on the day of your exam or if you are affected by one of the following circumstances, you should NOT attend the assessment and instead, apply for Extenuating Circumstances

You should not attend your in-person exam if:

  • You are COVID-19 positive
  • You are ill (not COVID-related circumstances)
  • You are a close contact 
  • You are high risk/living with very high-risk individuals
  • You are particularly anxious to attend in-person exams due to the perceived risk of infection.

You can apply for extenuating circumstances for online, in-person exams and other terminal assessment submissions (e.g. assignment, essay) if:

  • You are too unwell, due to COVID-19 or other non-COVID-19 illness, to undertake your exam(s)/assignment
  • You are not displaying symptoms but are required to self-isolate or restrict your movements and you do not have suitable internet.

Students can self-certify that they can’t attend the exam, however, where possible and if available, details or supporting evidence (e.g. text from HSE with positive COVID-19 diagnosis) should be provided in your application. The deadline for receipt of Extenuating Circumstances applications is Tuesday, 4 January.

If you can’t attend your assessment due to the above circumstances, upon approval of the Extenuating Circumstances application, the following will apply:

  • You will be provided with an alternative assessment opportunity 
  • This will be treated as your first attempt at the assessment; capping or grade penalties will not be applied
  • Your Module Coordinator will provide you with further details of your assessment
  • Assessment will take place in early January and will be online
  • You will not be able to attend the same assessment in December and January.

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