Fee Update Archive

Fees Update Archive


This page shows past updates which may still be relevant to past or present students and staff members.


Information about the UK EU referendum result and UCD fees:


The Department of Education and Skills requested the HEA bring the below information in relation to the Free Fees Scheme to attention:

In terms of higher education, notwithstanding Brexit, UK students will still be eligible for the EU fee rate. For the free fees initiative, once students meet all other criteria as set out in the Free Fees Initiative:

  • Students with UK nationality will continue to be eligible under the nationality criteria of the free fees scheme;
  • UK residency will continue to contribute towards fulfilling the ordinarily resident criteria of the scheme. 




Budget 2023 Update:



Budget 2023 Update 09/11/22

As part of Budget 2023, the Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science has introduced a reduction in Student Contribution for Undergraduate Free Fees Students of €1000. This is in recognition of the impact of the rising Costs of Living on students.
All full-time undergraduate students who are Free Fees eligible and registered for the 2022/23 academic year are eligible for the reduction as per Minister Harris' Press Release.


You are eligible for the Student Contribution reduction of €1000 if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • Full Time
  • Free Fees Eligible
  • Undergraduate Student

What happens next?

  • The Student Contribution Charge has now been reduced for all eligible students.
  • Students who have already paid over €2,254 (Student Contribution of €2000 and Student Centre Levy of €254) have been identified and all refunds have now been processed.
  • Students receiving refunds, will have been sent an automatic email asking them to nominate a bank account on thier SISWeb account to which the refund will be transferred. This is an important part of the process which the student will need to engage with to ensure they receieve their refund.
  • If you have received an email stating you are due a refund, but have not yet receievd it please ensure you have nominated a bank account on your SISWeb account. If you have completed this step please note it can take between 4-5 working days for the refund to be returned to your account following this.
  • If your account balance on SISWeb is in credit, please contact the Student Desk to request a refund, as refunds will no longer be automatically made to accounts in credit.






Covid Refund Policy:


The Covid19 provisions apply to the commencement dates as stated only.   They will cease to apply to all commencement dates from (and including) September 2022.

For the duration of the COVID-19 emergency, in the event that a programme does not commence in September 2021, January 2022 or May 2022 or that applicants* are unable to join the programme due to a COVID-19 related issue, they will be offered:

1. The opportunity to avail of a place on another UCD programme which will commence, or which is available via an alternative mode of study.  This is subject to a place being available and eligibility to the relevant programme.
2. A place in the next starting group of the chosen UCD programme, strictly with the agreement of the programme's governing school and in alignment with the university’s deferral protocol.
3. The deposit to be refunded in full.

* As the timeline for EU undergraduate admissions is later in the year and no deposit is required, this does not refer to this cohort at this time.
This does not include where applicants have paid a deposit to a third party rather than UCD directly.
For the duration of the COVID-19 emergency, the administrative charges referred to in section 2C and section 4 below will be waived.