Visa Information

Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform - Irish Naturalisation & Immigration Service

Students who must obtain a visa to travel to Ireland for study purposes can obtain guidelines and instructions

Please note the specific instruction that:

"From 14 July, 2008, all student visa applications should contain a copy of an Electronic Transfer of Funds from the applicant to the Irish Bank of the college, showing details of beneficiary's name, address, bank details and the same details for sender."


If a refund is due for students who have obtained entry into Ireland on the basis of a student visa, and who do not take up a place or officially withdraw from the University, the refund cheque will be posted to the country of origin. For students who have travelled to Ireland refunds will be issued only on receipt of proof of return to home country (e.g. a return air ticket with boarding card). An administrative charge of 10% of the programme fee applies.