Charley chatbot

Simply add 00 353 1 716 1580 to your contacts as Charley chatbot, go into WhatsApp & send a message ‘hello’.

The Student Desk has built & trained Charley chatbot to answer questions that we are often asked by students, so if you have a general question add 00 353 1 716 1580 to your contacts as Charley chatbot, go into WhatsApp and send a message ‘hello’.

The chatbot is designed to answer simple questions and be available 24 hours, 7 days a week, however, is it worth remembering that it has limitations so if your questions are very specific, complicated, or sensitive we suggest using one of our other and contact methods & speak directly to a member of the team.
The chatbot is always learning, but will only ever be able to answer general questions. Here are some examples of the type of questions it can answer:
  • When are the exam results out?
  • My SISWeb password is not working
  • What are the current academic year term dates?
Please do not give any personal details to the chatbot. If you need to supply your student ID, date of birth or any personal information contact us through one of our other methods
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At the Student Desk, we are always looking for innovative ways to give you, the student, the best possible service. In 2020 we successfully piloted Google Hangout Chats with students and we logged over 7,500 chats in just 7 months. That shaped our decision to roll out a WhatsApp chatbot which gives a similar experience to Google Chats but with added features. In case you have never used one, a chatbot is a simple computer program that simulates a conversation with a person. Our chatbot will try to answer your questions but it is important to note, there is always an option to request to speak with a team member (during opening hours). Many of our queries can be answered with a yes or no, a link, or a simple direction. However we feel it is important to say, the chatbot is not meant to replace any of our other services. Our Connector is always there for you to use and our phone lines and walk-in service are open during opening hours.

We invite you to use our chatbot if you enjoy that type of communication and if you have a simple question. Using the chatbot service is totally up to you. 

Our chatbot uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to learn so the more students that ask it questions, the smarter it will get. That is where you come in. We need students to ask questions in their own words to help train Charley so if you have a simple, general question add 00 353 1 716 1580 to your contacts as Charley chatbot, go into WhatsApp and send a message ‘hello’.