The Student Health Service does not have a GMS contract therefore cannot facilitate medical cards or EHIC cards. 

Student Health understands that some students may face financial difficulty during their time at UCD. If you are facing difficulty please explore the finacial options in UCD or ask our reception staff for a Financial Assistance form if this is in relation to your medical appointment. 




  • Telephone consultation: €30
  • Follow up (Within 1 week for same condition): €15
  • Additional charges may apply for further tests.


  • Nurse Consultation: €15
  • Repeat Contraceptive Pill Consultation: €15
  • Blood Test: €15
  • Additional charges may apply for further tests.


  • From the 1st of October 2021 all Psychiatrist appointments will be €50. 

STI Testing

  • Doctor: €60
  • Nurse: €40


  • Medicals: €30 - €60
  • Prices vary depending on the tests carried out.

Sport's Clinic

  • Doctor's Consultation: €50



Free Contraception
UCD Student Health Service are now participating in the government free contraception initiative.
All student with a PPS number can avail of free contraception.

For students who do not have a PPS number, the following charges will apply.



  • When a doctor decides during a consultation to prescribe medication for you this prescription is included in the consultation fee.
  • If you are taking medication prescribed elsewhere and wish to renew that prescription you must have a telephone consultation with a doctor in SHS who will advise if this is possible and if any other steps are necessary before issuing the prescription.There is a 30 euro telephone consultation charge for this. There may be additional charges if other checks such as blood pressure or blood tests are needed.
  • If you wish to renew a prescription for medication previously prescribed in the student health service you can arrange a telephone consultation. There charge of 30 euro for this service.
  • You must pay separately for the medication prescribed at a pharmacy.
  • There is a pharmacy available on campus.


Vaccine Costs


  • 1st Visit (Doctor consult): €30
  • 2nd Visit (Nurse consult): €15
  • 3rd Visit (Nurse consult): €15
  • 4th Visit (Nurse consult): €15
  • Vaccine: Approximately €220 per vaccine (check with pharmacy for current costs). 


  • 1st Visit (Nurse): €30
  • 2nd Visit (Nurse): €15
  • Vaccine: €50 per vaccine (x2 = €100)
  • Total Cost: €145


  • 1st Visit (Nurse): €30
  • 2nd Visit (Nurse): €15
  • Vaccine: €0
  • Total Cost: €45


  • Nurse/Doctor Consult: €30
  • Vaccine: €30
  • Total Cost: €60


  • Nurse/Doctor Consult: €30
  • Vaccine: €30
  • Total Cost: €60

Flu Vaccine (not currently available)

  • Provided for risk groups only
  • Nurse Consultation: €15
  • Vaccine: €0

Hep-B Vaccine

  • Telephone Consultation with Doctor- €30
  • 1st Visit (Nurse): €0 
  • 2nd Visit (Nurse): €15
  • 3rd Visit (Nurse): €15
  • Vaccine: €35 per vaccine (x3 = €105)
  • Total Cost: €165



Receipts for payments can be accessed through your SISWeb/InfoHub account online. To access your receipts:

1. Log on to SISWeb/InfoHub

2. Go to 'Campus Facilities'

3. Go to 'My Student Health Account'

Receipt for payment should be online within 48hrs of payment. If you are unable to find you receipt after 48hrs please phone us on 01 716 3134.