Health Screen & Hepatitis B Vaccine Process

This program consists of approximately 5 appts over 12-18 months

Please read the this information on Data Sharing. You will be asked to consent at your first appointment. You will need to provide ID (driver license/passport. No ID-No Screen

  • 1st appt:    Initial Health Screen visit - blood tests to check for blood borne viruses.
  • 2nd appt:   Advised of results, given information regarding Hep B vaccine & obtain consent.  Receive Dose 1 of Hep B vaccine 
  • 3rd appt:   1 month later, Dose 2 of Hep B vaccine
  • 4th appt:   5 months later, Dose 3 of Hep B vaccine
  • 5th appt:   2 to 4 months later, A blood test to check immune response of Hep B vaccine.
  • Other appointments: Students may be required to get other Vaccine or test @ additional cost.
  • A Certificate of Completion will be issued to the student on completion of Health Screen. We advise they keep as there may be a charge for any additional copies requested.
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