Symptomatic STI screening with the Doctor

Due to Covid - 19, the STI screening will now take part in 2 sections. There will be an initial telephone consultation and a follow up physical consultation.  The telephone consultation is booked on 01 716 3134. This will be a short consultation for history, symptoms & to outline any concerns.  The physical consultation is coordinated during the telephone consultation. Walk ins will not be accepted.

Please note: You will be asked for payment at the time of booking. 

Who is the service for?

This clinic is most suitable for you if you have symptoms you think may be due to an STI. If you have painful symptoms ie. blisters, pain in the vagina or genital area of recent onset please request an urgent symptomatic STI appointment.

Male patients need a full bladder. Please do not urinate an hour before your appointment. The doctor will ask you to pass a first void specimen of urine. That means the first 15ml of urine to come out of your bladder, as this gives the most accurate results. 


The total cost is €60. This appointment is not covered by medical card. You will be asked for this when you book the telephone consulation as standard. Please phone us with 24hrs notice to cancel your appointment if you cannot make it.


Telephone consultation: Taking the history

During the telephone consultation the doctor will ask you questions to find out the most likely cause of your concern and to decide which tests should be performed. All the information given and the results of the tests are confidential

If you are experiencing symptoms the doctor will ask you about their details. Whether or not there are any symptoms present, the doctor will need to ask questions about your medical and sexual history. Some of the questions are of a personal nature but they are necessary to determine whether you are at risk of an STI.


The examination

The doctor will examine you during a subsequent in-person appointment. This will be arranged during the telephone consultation.

For women, a vaginal examination is performed and swabs are taken from the walls of the vagina and cervix. Throat and rectal examination may be carried out if appropriate.

For men, in most cases a quick examination of the pubic area, penis and scrotum in performed. The doctor will then ask you to pass a first void specimen of urine. That means the first 15ml of urine that you pass from your bladder as this gives the most accurate results. Throat, rectal and uretural swabs may be carried out if appropriate.

A single blood test is taken to test for HIV 1 + 2, Hep B, Hep C and Syphilis.



Your results will be ready in ten days. We will obtain your permission to text you your results if they are normal and to contact you by phone or by text message if there are any infections we need to inform you about. It is also possible to come back and discuss your results in person if you prefer this. We do not email results of medical texts.



If your tests reveal an infection we will arrange the appropriate treatment. If your results show one of the infections that require specialist referral we will help to arrange that appointment for you.