“The location was fabulous – really easy to get into Dublin city and was only two hours’ drive to the beautiful city of Galway where we went on a day tour”.  Nelson, California.

“The apartments were great, and we loved having our own private bedroom”. Angela, Minnesota.

“Fantastic classroom and theatre facilities, and if we needed something extra, we only had to ask”. Eric, Texas.

“An unbelievably friendly country and we all felt really safe here”.  Amanda, North Dakota.

“It was so easy to get to pretty much anywhere in Ireland from Dublin. I’ll never forget our day trip to the Cliffs of Moher”. Jess, Pennsylvania.

“There were hundreds of things to do in Dublin that cost nothing – including free entry to museums and art galleries”.  Bryce, California.

“The social programme was awesome – anything from a visit to a farm to lessons in how to play hurling (one of Ireland’s national games)”.  Tyler, New York.

“I never realised that you could get to all of the major European cities so easily from Dublin”.
Amy, Kentucky.

“The grass here is this lovely, brilliant, Emerald green colour and I’ve never seen anything like it. ”
Shelby, Kansas.

 “The classes were tough – but we had plenty of time to enjoy Ireland as well”. Cody, North Carolina.

“The campus was really near to the beautiful coastline and mountains”. Kaitlyn, Oklahoma.