Dr Florence Renou-Wilson, UCD

School of Biology and Environmental Science
01 716 2253

Senior researcher, lecturer and director of Global Change: Ecosystem Science and Policy Master programme (UCD & JLU, Germany). Peatland scientist (20 years) with excellent knowledge of Irish peatlands, and peatland ecology, land use, water quality, sustainable management and climate science specifically. Experienced researcher with a proven record in project management, research field and lab work and timely delivery of final reports for 4 EPA-funded projects (BOGLAND, CALISTO, NEROS, VAPOR) and currently AUGER and co-PI in QUBBES. A Lead Author in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 2014 Wetlands Supplement, member of the Scientific and Policy Advisory Group of the Peatlands Council and of the Scientific Committee for National Raised Bogs SAC Management Plan.



Assoc. Prof. Mary Kelly-Quinn, UCD 


School of Biology and Environmental Science
01 716 2337

Primary research activities focus on the assessment of land-use and other anthropogenic activities on the hydrochemical and ecological quality of surface waters, including work on peatlands. To date she has received 60 research grants amounting to over €9m and has supervised 28 PhD students to successful completion. She has led/co-led seven national multidisciplinary projects: ESManage on ecosystem services and SILTFLUX on sediment flux and impacts, SSNET, Reconnect and PATHWAYS. She has authored over 140 peer-reviewed publications (many on small streams) and has edited two special issues of journals (Hydrobiologia 2017; Biology & Environment 2014) on small water bodies.




Prof. Michael Bruen, UCD


School of Civil Engineering
01 716 1829

Proposed, led and participated in many research projects funded by the European Union (SLAPS2, TELFLOOD, CARPE DIEM, COST717, COST731) and Irish agencies (e.g. FloodWarnTech, ESManage, WINCOMS, HYDROFOR, SILTFLUX, PATHWAYS). He was chairman of the hydrogeological subgroup of the Kildare aquifer/Pollardstown fen monitoring group and modelled the aquifer-fen interaction. He has particular expertise in: (i) Computer methods, and modelling in water resources and environmental engineering; (ii) Surface water and groundwater supply and protection from contamination; (iii) Effects of climate change on water resources; iv) Catchment models and flow forecasting, both flood flows and low flows, in particular distributed catchment modelling, erosion and water quality; and v) Applications of multi-criteria decision support methods (MCA), public participation in environmental decisions  and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in water resources engineering. 



Dr Shane Regan, NPWS


National Parks and Wildlife Service

Senior Researcher at the Dept of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, his primary research interests are in the areas of eco-hydrology, carbon exchange and wetland restoration and he is currently Co-PI and managing two EPA funded projects on “A framework for the restoration of degraded peatlands” [EPA ref: 2014-NC-MS-2] and “Ecometrics: environmental supporting conditions for Groundwater Dependent Wetlands” [2016-W-LS-13]. He is developing a stakeholder framework tool/methodology for peatland restoration, integrating scientific measurements (hydrology, ecology and greenhouse gas emissions), engineering design and socio-economic elements of research.





Dr Fiachra O'Loughlin, UCD

School of Civil Engineering
01 716 3222

Specialises in the area of Hydrology and Remote Sensing. His research interests include the development and testing of hydrological and hydraulic models and the utilisation of remote sensing technologies to monitor our natural and built environments.








Dr Shane Donohue, UCD


School of Civil Engineering
01 716 3285

Focuses on applications of advanced geotechnical and geophysical tools and on the development of high resolution near-surface geophysical technologies, which he applies to a range of engineering and environmental issues including peatland restoration.





Dr David Morgan, UCD

School of Civil Engineering
01 716 2304







Dr Connie O'Driscoll, Ryan Hanley


Ryan Hanley Consulting Engineers
01 297 3030

Consultant at Ryan Hanley with expertise in: water quality analysis, water chemistry, freshwater ecology, disinfection by-product precursors and env. monitoring. She worked as a postdoctoral researcher on several EPA funded projects (Assessment of Natural Organic Matters and Ptaquiloside in Irish drinking waters) and DAFF (Drained forested peatlands) and has experience in the dissemination of highly complex data.





Dr Josephine Treacy, Limerick IT


Department of Applied Science
061 293124

Expertise: environmental pollution and control, analytical chemistry and microbiology; Experience in working with river basin management (Gvt Ireland Funding), water remediation using biomass (Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher); use of ICT for environmental monitoring (EPA Strive).






Dr Cat Pschenyckyj, UCD

Post doc School of Biology and Environmental Science


 Post-doc, Peatland hydrologist.









Thomas Donoghue, UCD

PhD student








Behzad Mozafari, UCD



 PhD student





 Lisa Geoghegan, Limerick IT

Masters student