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€170,000 Allocated to Forty-five UCD Learning Enhancement Projects

€170,000 Allocated to Forty-five UCD Learning Enhancement Projects
Publication date:
14th February 2020
UCD Teaching & Learning

As part of the National Forum’s Strategic Alignment of Teaching and Learning Enhancement Funding in Higher Education 2019, UCD received funding of €170,000 to support small-scale Learning Enhancement Projects (LEPs). This was part of the €5m for teaching and learning capacity building announced in budget 2019.  The aim of the projects is to support local engagement with teaching and learning enhancement by individuals or small teams of faculty, staff and students.  A key feature of the scheme is the requirement for students to actively participate in the implementation projects.

Following a successful application by UCD Teaching and Learning, confirmation of funding for the UCD LEP scheme was received from the National Forum on 31st October 2019.  UCD Teaching and Learning held a consultation event on 14th November bringing together a broad cross-section of the UCD community including students, faculty and staff to help identify areas within and across schools and units that could benefit from small-scale enhancement funding.  An advisory group was set up to advise on and oversee the design and implementation of a university-wide funding call to stimulate small-scale local enhancement projects (LEPs), in line with the criteria set out by the external funder.  The consultation event outputs helped to inform the funding call.  Details of the scheme are available on the UCD Teaching and Learning website.

Applications were invited for grants of up to €5,000.  A total of 90 applications were submitted including 14 cross-disciplinary applications. The strong engagement from staff and students with which the call was met was most welcome, particularly in light of the requirement for active student involvement.  There were seven adjudication panels, one for each college and a non-college panel. 

  • 15 applications from Arts & Humanities;
  • 7 applications from Business;
  • 26 applications from Health and Agricultural Sciences;
  • 10 applications from Engineering and Architecture;
  • 14 from Science;
  • 15 from Social sciences and Law;
  • and 3 non-college.

We are delighted to announce that forty-five Learning Enhancement projects have been funded.  The funds must be spent by December 2020 after which time the projects will be showcased.

Congratulations to the successful applicants. 

Principal Applicant


Project Title

Dr Martin Brady


Access Classics: Facilitating Outreach Through Our Student Cohort

Dr Julie Brooks


Building and developing student capabilities in digital preservation

Mr Niall Dennehy

Arts & Humanities

RoadWork: making your commute work for you.

Dr Alexandra Dias

Languages, Cultures and Linguistics

Introduction to Common European Framework and the Companion – a supplementary self managed toolkit for Portuguese language for A1 level. 

Dr Mary Farrelly

Languages, Cultures and Linguistics

Living Multilingually: Online Tools for Empowering Language Learners in Transition

Dr Paul Perry

English, Drama & Film

Creative Writing Support at The Writing Centre

Professor Eamonn Delahunt

Public Heath, Physiotherapy & Sports Science

Is a “Connected Curriculum” achievable in UCD? (a pilot study of five undergraduate programmes across the College of Health and Agricultural Sciences).

Dr Thomas Flanagan


Conquering ‘Neurophobia’ Using AXON: An Interactive Multimedia Resource for Enhanced Understanding of Neuroanatomy by Medicine Students

Assoc Professor Helen Gallagher


An integrated, technology-enhanced approach to prescribing education in medical degree programmes.

Ms Pamela Kelly

Veterinary Medicine

Implementation of veterinary business management education using blended learning across the veterinary medicine curriculum.

Ms Renagh Kelly

Veterinary Medicine

“Project I.V.”: Veterinary Clinical Skills Mastery through student involvement in Simulation Model Creativity

Dr Mark Pickering


Interdisciplinary, student-led design of innovative 3D learning tools in human anatomy.

Dr Catherine Redmond

Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems

Development of an interdisciplinary curricular framework to promote effective teaching and learning of evidence-based practice

Ms Nicola Walshe

Veterinary Medicine

Communication Skills Project - the development of a professional skill that is critical to student success

Dr Sarah Cotterill

Civil Engineering

Digital resources to improve student access to practical applications of environmental engineering.

Dr Kevin Nolan

Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Digital Animation for Educators Enabling a Library of World Leading Learning Content

Ms Mairead O’Reilly

Engineering and Architecture

New Dimensions

Assoc Professor Vikram Pakrashi

College of Engineering & Architecture

Design of Physical Models for Classical Mechanics Teaching and Learning (College level application)

Dr Marcus Baumann


MoLECULE - Modern Laboratory Experiments for Chemistry Undergraduate Learning Enhancement

Assoc Professor Eimear Byrne


A concrete approach to learning algebraic coding theory using a computer algebra system.

Dr Adam Kane

Biology and Environmental Science

A Crash Course in Data Handling with R

Assoc Professor Pauline Mellon


Geometric Visualisation - Using the mathematical software Maple to enhance the teaching and learning of Geometry for student and teacher success.

Dr Adamaria Perrotta


How coding languages and FinCad Analytics Suite for Excel can facilitate a sensemaking to quantitative finance: a learner-centered and EBS approach to teaching Computational Finance

Dr Takfarinas Saber

Computer Science

Digitisation for Localised Lecturing Material in BDIC (DiLLeMa-BDIC)

Dr Sharon Shannon


Improving the Professional Practice of Teaching Assistants via EDI Awareness

Dr Craig Slattery

Biomolecular & Biomedical Science

E-learning supports for enhancement of student learning in Regulatory Affairs & Toxicology

Assoc Professor Emma Sokell


Improving the consistency of the 1st year laboratory experience in UCD Science

Dr Gavin Stewart

Biology and Environmental Science

Enhancing teaching and learning in UCD biology by tackling stress amongst students and staff.

Dr Stephen Davis


Digital internships, Kotroni Archaeological Survey Project

Ms Rachel Farrell


Virtual Reality (VR) in Initial Teacher Education: Towards a model of collaborative professional development for university methods lecturers, school placement mentors and student teachers.

Assoc Professor Crystal Fulton

Information & Communication Studies

UG Research Accelerator for the Social Sciences

Dr Deirdre McGillicuddy


UCD Community Engaged Learning and Teaching (CELT) Network

Assoc Professor Louise McHugh


Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to reduce academic procrastination

Dr Sarah Morton

Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice

Fulfilling potential: supporting community engagement progression students through peer networking, educational skills development and enhancement of digital literacy.

Dr Brendan O’Neill


Building Futures: A Samburu/Irish teaching collaboration

Assoc Professor Jennifer Symonds


Human Learning: Promoting Students’ Psychosocial Competencies Associated with Success in College Through a School-to-College Transition Support Programme

Dr Tobias Theiler

Politics & International Relations

Introducing Problem-Based Learning (PBL) to a Stage 2 International Relations module

Assoc Professor Niamh Moore-Cherry

College of Social Sciences & Law

Developing a tutor training and recognition programme for the Social Sciences (College level application)

Dr Quinn Dupont


Enhancing the Scholarly Value Chain: The Blockchain Research Network

Mr Matt Glowatz


Development and implementation of a multi-disciplinary interactive multimedia business case study to advance students’ digital business skills for both academic and professional development

Mr Allen Higgins


Resources for Experiential Learning of the Disability Environment for a new module (MIS20090 Design Thinking).

Dr Sean Power


Actively learning accounting analytics through task-based simulation

Dr Jamie O'Neill

College of Business

Creating a diversity of learning and teaching experiences in using lightboard technology (College level application)

Mr James Molloy


Looking through the green lens

Dr Lisa Padden

Access & Lifelong Learning

Access Student Supports: Designing Online Workshops and Resources