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Teaching Across Cultures

As our higher education institutions become more globally-focussed and the number of students from internationally-diverse cultures increases in our classrooms, there is an impending need for all of us who teach to become more interculturally aware in our disciplinary teaching practice and in how we design and assess our curricula.

UCD Teaching and Learning has responded to this need, aligning with the UCD Education Strategy 2020-2024 through the provision of a new accredited module on its Professional Development Programme, Teaching Across Cultures.

What is the module about?

The module aims to foster awareness and responsiveness around aspects of teaching across cultures, engaging those who teach diverse international and intercultural cohorts in critically reflecting on their personal and professional intercultural competence. In particular, it aims to support: 

  • the development of appropriate teaching and learning strategies; 
  • the design and assessment of culturally-inclusive, internationalised curricula; 
  • the scaffolding of opportunities for all students to advance their own international and intercultural perspectives and competences.
  • intercultural perspectives and competences.

Learn More

For an introduction to the key features of intercultural learning including an overview of topics and terminology visit Intercultural Learning.  For more information on the module, please contact sheena.hyland@ucd.ie UCD Teaching and Learning.