Imchlód Aingel

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‘Imchlód Aingel’, ed. T. P. O’Nolan, in Miscellany Presented to Kuno Meyer, O. J. Bergin & C. Marstrander eds. (Halle 1912) 253-7

Manuscript source of printed text

Royal Irish Academy Ms 23 P 16 (Leabhar Breac), cat. no. 1230, p. 262 b

Other manuscript sources

Oxford, Bodleian Library Ms Laud 615, p. 25

Royal Irish Academy Ms 23 G 23, cat. no. 256, p. 118

Royal Irish Academy Ms 23 N 13, cat. no. 249, p. 277

Maynooth, Russell Library Murphy Ms 39, p. 212

Maynooth, Russell Library Murphy Ms 70, p. 94

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Maynooth, Russell Library O’Curry Ms.


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