Sén dollotar Ulaid

Author: E. J. Gwynn

An electronic edition

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p. 94.

1. Luckily came the Ulaid to the battle of Drumcree: they
brought Eochaid his sons’ heads after the fight.

2. Luckily came the Ulaid to rugged Alba, and carried off
the head of Bruide and of Arthur son of Dungal.

3. Luckily came the Ulaid to Norway, expeditiously, and
fought nine battles, from year’s end to year’s end.

4. Luckliy came the Ulaid to bright-flowing battle with the
Saxon; rash was their daring, valiant their chivalry.

5. Luckily came the Ulaid to Traig Roiss in glory; they
arrayed their nobles, they broke the foeman’s boasting.

6. Luckily came the Ulstermen on a raid, a warlike venture,
when Tory was sacked against a third of the men of Falga.

7. We blessed the King of the province, that his valour may
have full scope; that he may attack and beat down the peoples
in their treachery.

8. We blessed their troops, one and all, that they may complete
honour; we blessed their hospitallers, one and all, that they
may increase hospitality.

9. Our soldiers, our striplings — may this omen aid them!
Our champions, our chieftains — may this blessing aid them!

© 2007 Thesaurus Linguae Hibernicae

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