A Prayer to Christ for Help

Author: Kuno Meyer

An electronic edition

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p. 115.

1. O helpful Christ come to me! stand by me quickly! O
dear dear Jesu . . . . every time with us!

2. O fond Lord with triumphs, with shining perfect hosts, lest I
be for awhile in straights I commit my soul into Thy hands.

3. When I have parted from this harmonious body, O God whom
I praise without deceit, leave me not at the end of my life in the villainous
claws of the Devil!

4. For the sake of Thy holiness, O holy Christ, be kind to him who
has sinned against thee! Keep every wicked wrong off me, for the
sake of Thy body, for Thy dear soul!

5. For the blood, for the flesh that protected me, for John, for Mary,
the lauded, for Thy humanity without harshness, O helpful Christ,
help me!

6. Make smooth the road upon which I am intent, unless it be folly,
unless it be harm, O Prince of Adam’s race, O Christ with the orders
of Heaven!

7. Let it not be many years till Thou lift me up with Thy saints, till
I come to enter the heavenly abode after being snatched away from vile

8. What I have been saying to Thee before, I pray Thee, Son of
Mary, — whether I be long or short upon the road, be there to help me,
O heart!

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