Colum Cille in Arann

Author: Kuno Meyer

An electronic edition

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p. 162a.

One day Colum Cille went around the
churchyard of Arann, when he saw the
ancient grave and the stone not moved, and
he asked: ‘Who was buried under the flagstone?’
said he. ‘We know not,’ said
they, ‘and we have never heard.’ Then
God, through the grace of knowledge and
prophecy, revealed it to him, and he spoke
the quatrain: —

‘0 Baithin, let us stay awhile,
Talgaeth ......
And let us stay here till morning
With the abbot of Jerusalem.’

That was true for him, for it was Talgaeth,
abbot of Jerusalem, who had come
on a pilgrimage from Jerusalem to Arann

p. 162b.

in the time of Enda and the other saints,
and had died in Arann. Then he was
buried in it, and the grave of the holy abbot
was revealed to Colum Cille through the
grace of the prophecy of God.

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