Baithin mac Brenainn ocus Colam Cille

Author: Kuno Meyer

An electronic edition

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p. 229.

Baithin, son of Brenann, son of Fergus,
and Colum Cille, son of Feidlimid, son of
Fergus, were both children of two brothers.
This Baithin at no time, save the time of
sleep only, was without doing some work
for God, either praying, or reading, or writing,
or humble service. When, however,
he stretched out his hand towards the dish
to eat his dinner, his other hand was aloft
praying to the Lord, and between every
two morsels he would sing ‘Deus, in adiutorium
meum intende
,’ as far as ‘festina.’
Again, at the time of reaping, he would
gather the corn with one hand, while the
other hand was stretched towards heaven.
He never put a fly or gnat from his face,
nor would he let ..... This Baithin
would not allow any miracles or wonders
of his own miracles to be told during the
lifetime of Colum Cille, out of honour for
Colum, and out of his own humility. He
was four years in the abbacy of Derry of
Colum, after Colum Cille, and with Colum
Cille he had been learning ever since the
beginning of his life; and he was a famous
wise man.

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