Taibret duit a coibsena

Author: Kuno Meyer

An electronic edition

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p. 171.

1. Let them make their confessions to thee
Sincerely and earnestly.
Do not take their alms
Unless they do thy will.

2. Though thou take their offerings,
Let not their love be great with thee;
As it were fire that were on thee,
Scatter them [to those] under thy power.

3. Thou shalt give them to guests,
Be they powerful or be they wretched;
Thou shalt give them to the poor,
From whom no reward for it is found.

4. Thou shalt give them to old men,
To widows — no falsehood.
Do not give them to sinners
That have store of wealth.

5. Without loud joy, without murmuring,
With meekness, with lamenting,
With forgiveness of every wrong,
That is, that will be, that was.

6. With peace towards every neighbour,
With great fear,
With proper confession
When one goes to absolution.

7. Two hundred genuflexions at the Beati,
Every day continually
The three fifties thou must sing —
The custom is not too heavy.

8. If thou wishest with great love
To be under the yoke of the pure Spirit,
Do not sleep and do not eat
With lay-people in a house.

9. Let there be no great love in thy heart,
Save love of God only;
Since pure is the body to which it goes,
Purely shalt thou go to Him.

10. Whoso fulfilleth not this,
Which in the scripture I found,
He is not a priest, he is an outlaw,
He is a wretched transgressor.

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