Regula Mochuta Rathin

Author: Kuno Meyer

An electronic edition

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p. 188.

Here begins the Rule of Mochuta of Rathen for teaching
the Ten Commandments to every person.

1. This is the way to the Prince
Jesu of noble strength,
To love God with all thy soul,
In heart, in deed.

2. To love Him with all thy strength,
Not sadly, though earnestly.
To love thy neighbour next to that
As thou lovest thyself.

3. Do not worship idols,
For the great Lord’s sake.
Ask not thy Creator
For pride that is not just.

4. Honour to thy parents
The King ordains,
And to everyone that is senior
And older than thou art.

5. Give honour to the Abbot
Of the Son of Mary, without fail.
Steal not, shed no blood,
And slay no one.

6. Be not covetous of the world,
Nor of the false heaven.
Do not bear witness against any one,
Do not cause pain to a single person.

7. What thou desirest from each one
For thyself of every good,
Do thou that to every one
That thou mayst come to the Prince.

8. Whatever for thyself thou desirest not
Of harm that is evil,
Do not wish to any man
While thou art in the flesh.

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