A Prayer to the Archangels for each Day of the Week

Author: T. P. O’Nolan

An electronic edition

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p. 93.

May Gabriel be with me on Sundays, and the power of the
King of Heaven.
May Gabriel be with me always that evil may not come to me
nor injury.

Michael on Monday I speak of, my mind is set on him,
Not with anyone do I compare him but with Jesus, the son of

If it be Tuesday, Raphael I mention, until the end comes, for
my help.
One of the seven whom I beseech, as long as I am on the field
of the world.

May Uriel be with me on Wednesdays, the abbot with high
Against wound and against danger, against the sea of rough

Sariel on Thursday I speak of, against the swift waves of the
Against every evil that comes to a man, against every disease
that seizes him.

On the day of the second fast (Friday), Rumiel - a clear blessing
- I have loved,
I say only the truth, good the friend I have taken.

p. 94.

May Panchel be with me on Saturdays, as long as I am on the
yellow world

May the Trinity protect me! may the Trinity defend me!
May the Trinity save me from every hurt, from every danger!

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