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Assessment Criteria - Interview

Assessment Criteria - Interview

The interview stage gives us an opportunity to find out more about the applicant as well as giving an opportunity for the applicant to address any potential queries arising from the proposal and to learn more about UCD and the wider environment.

The interview will be carried out either in person or by video-conferencing. The interview panel will be comprised of two members of the panel of independent international assessors who reviewed the written proposals, a representative from UCD with personalised medicine expertise and a representative from UCD Human Resources.

As part of the interview, the applicant will be asked to give a 15 minute oral presentation to address the following topics:

  • Project proposal
  • Overview of applicant’s career and training development objectives
  • Impact of the fellowship on the applicant’s long-term career prospects.

At the end of the interview, the interview panel will assign a score of between 0-100 based on the following criteria:

CriteriaWeightingPriority in case of ex aequo
Performance at the interview during which the selection committee will assess:
  • Scientific knowledge in the area of interest
  • Analytical skills
  • Communication and presentations skills
  • Demonstration of coherency between fellowship and long term professional development plan of the fellow
80% 1
Interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral value of the proposed research and training plan 15% 2
Assessment of fellow’s past experiences including time spent in industry or a research management related field 5% 3


The final mark for each application will be comprised of the score for the written proposal and the interview with 50% weighting for written proposal and 50% weighting for the interview.
Applications will be ranked in order of score. A threshold of 70% will be applied once again. Fellowships will only be offered to those candidates scoring on or above the 70% threshold. There will be a fixed number of fellowships offered per call which will be offered to the highest ranking fellows.

Those who score above the 70% threshold but are not in line for a fellowship offer are placed on a reserve list. Applicants on the reserve list and those scoring below 70% will be informed about the score they achieved and the outcome of the selection process by the Programme Manager.