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Equal Opportunities

Equal Opportunities

Equal Opportunities Policy

University College Dublin is committed to equality of opportunity for all staff and students, irrespective of gender, civil status, age, disability, race, sexual orientation, religious belief, and membership of the traveller community.

The UCD TOPMed10 Programme recruitment process follows UCD policy of Equal Opportunities that provides that candidates will be selected based on meritocracy (quality and competency), irrespective of the nine protected grounds.

The University is committed to the implementation of positive action programmes, removing barriers to equality, promoting concepts of diversity and equality of opportunity in all of its activities, eliminating unfair discrimination, redressing imbalances and fostering an ethos of equality.    

Women in Research

The UCD TOPMed10 Programme seeks to raise gender awareness and promote the vision that gender equality is important for scientific excellence. The Programme is giving special attention to promoting women scientists in research and will strive to achieve a gender balance between applications. We aim to receive minimum of 40% of applications from female applicants.

This is in support of the ERA goal to increase the international mobility of female researchers.

Career break

One of the aims of the UCD TOPMed10 Programme is to encourage researchers who have taken career breaks to apply to the programme and thereby to resume/start their scientific careers.

Career breaks will be taken into account in TOPMed10 applications. Applicable career breaks include parental leave or periods of working in an industrial setting where the applicant was not able to publish peer-reviewed publications.