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What is UCARD?

UCARD is a new UCD campus smartcard

The UCARD is the official identification card for UCD. The UCARD is multi-functional in that it is used for numerous services on campus e.g. library, identification, printing, photocopying, access control and much more.

 ‘One card for all functions’

Your UCARD offers convenience, flexibility and most importantly security. It gives you a personal confidential UCARD account.

As UCARD is rolled out across the University it will become an everyday part of your life in UCD. You can use it anywhere you see the UCARD symbol next to a pay or service point which currently includes.

  • CopiPrint (Print, Copy & Scanning)
  • Access, if applicable, to UCD Sports & Fitness and the Library
  • Allows UCD Summer guests access to their rooms and laundry facilities.
  • Use it as an electronic purse
  • Identification


DO NOT top-up your UCARD account before getting your first physical card!