UCARD Services

The UCARD is the official identification card for students and staff at UCD. The UCARD is multi-functional in that it is used for numerous services on campus. As UCARD is rolled out across the University it will become an everyday part of your life in UCD.

You can use it anywhere you see the UCARD symbol next to a pay or service point which currently includes:

  • Electronic payment in the residential laundries and for CopiPrint services (Print, Copy & Scanning)
  • Access to UCD Residences, UCD Sports & Fitness and the Library
  • Purchasing Lockers. More information on Lockers can be found here
  • Purchasing ISIC Card. More information on ISIC card can be found here
  • Time and Attendance
  • Identification

UCARD is an essential within UCD. Every student and staff member must have one.

To get your UCARD, visit the the UCARD Bureau on Campus.