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Top-up Your UCARD

Q. How do I top up my card with money

A. Ways you can top-up


1) Top-up online via your SIS Web, you will now have a tab called MY UCARD where you can use a credit/debit card to top-up online*

2) You can use guest machines to top-up using cash, UCARD Top-up machines are located;

  • In the main restaurant ground floor with a UCARD sign above it.
  • In the James Joyce Library Lobby with a UCARD sign above it.
  • In Smurfit school of business across from the services desk.
  • In the UCD Sports & Fitness Centre beside the Cafe

* If value is loaded at a guest machine you must allow up to 5 to 10 minutes for the money to become available to use copi-print machines.

3) You can also add money at any of the Copi-Print Bureau shops.

Visitor UCARD's can be used just like a Student UCARD, you can continually top-up and use your visitor card without having to replace it.