Order & Collect a UCARD

Staff Member

If you are a new member of staff and require a staff Ucard, or have lost/had your Ucard stolen, just call into the UCARD Bureau in the Newman Building and we will print you a new Ucard on Demand.



Send an email to Ucard@ucd.ie to request a Ucard, Provide the following information.

  • Name:
  • Personal Number:
  • If you have difficulties uploading a photo, send a copy of the photo you wish to use on your Ucard
  • You will receive a confirmation email when your Ucard has been printed 
  • you may come to the Ucard bureau and collect your Ucard, alternatively provide a full Internal UCD address and you will receive your Ucard in the UCD Internal post.


Your Ucard will be posted to you.



Request a Student Ucard

Request a Student Ucard

The process for receiving a Ucard is being managed by the Incoming Student Card Collection 2021 process. You will receive an email with detail of when and where you will receive your Ucard. This will run until the end of September; this information will be updated after Orientation Week 2021.

Please do not contact the Ucard bureau requesting a Ucard, we are processing Ucard distribution and will contact you shortly.