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Period Poverty: Academic, Media and Other Sources 

This information has been collated by Suzanne Dowd, UCD Master of Public Policy student, 2018/19 as a volunteer of the Homeless Period Ireland initiative in UCD.

Academic articles

  • Astrup, J. 2018, "PERIOD POVERTY Tackling the taboo", Community Practitioner, vol. 90, no. 12, pp. 40-42.

Quantitative research

  • Hennegan, J., Dolan, C., Wu, M., Scott, L., & Montgomery, P. (2016). ‘Measuring the prevalence and impact of poor menstrual hygiene management: a quantitative survey of schoolgirls in rural Uganda’. BMJ open6(12).

Qualitative research

  • Crichton J, Okal J, Kabiru CW et al (2013) ‘Emotional and psychosocial aspects of menstrual poverty in resource-poor settings: a qualitative study of the experiences of adolescent girls in an informal settlement in Nairobi’. Health Care Women Int 2013; 34: 891–916. 
  • Deo DS, Ghattargi CH. (2005) ‘Perceptions and practices regarding menstruation: a comparative study in urban and rural adolescent girls’. Indian J Community Med 2005; 30: 33–4.
  • Hennegan, J., Dolan, C., Steinfield, L., & Montgomery, P. (2017). ‘A qualitative understanding of the effects of reusable sanitary pads and puberty education: implications for future research and practice’. Reproductive health14(1), 78.
  • Mason L, Laserson K, Oruko K et al (2015) ‘Adolescent schoolgirls’ experiences of menstrual cups and pads in rural western Kenya: a qualitative study’. Waterlines 2015; 34 :15–30.
  • Montgomery, P., Hennegan, J., Dolan, C., Wu, M., Steinfield, L., & Scott, L. (2016). ‘Menstruation and the Cycle of Poverty: A Cluster Quasi-Randomised Control Trial of Sanitary Pad and Puberty Education Provision in Uganda’. PloS one11(12).

Impact of the Homeless Period Ireland’s work

‘We have more dignity’: Taking the dread out of periods for homeless women



“Amika George on why she's protesting period poverty” – Women’s Hour

“Period Poverty with Gemma Cairney, Amika George, Grace Campbell” – The Guilty Feminist


Media sources

“Period taboo: Why can’t we talk about menstruation?

Public discussion on the cost of sanitary products

(Irish media) Op Ed: Women politicians are acting to end the inequality over issues that affect half the population


Period poverty’s impact on schooling

“The shame of period poverty is keeping British girls out of school.  Let’s break the silence.”

“Girls ‘too poor’ to buy sanitary protection missing school”


State initiatives

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