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Service Focus Segments

The Four Service Focus Segments 

The UCD range of Services have been assigned into four segments to allow a better focus, while at the same time keeping the overall experience for the person in sight.  This is where the Service Focus Segments come from.

These actively engage service users and providers, encouraging their participation and contribution, empowering them to identify which services could be improved and what services are missing entirely.

There are four service focus segments defined in UCD POST, each focused on the services provided and the people that use them.

Please click through the diagrams below which explains how the segments are made up:

  • Each segment consists of various activities that deliver the services that customers use during their journey / experience at UCD.  The services listed under each segment are a start in developing this approach - they are not trying to be an exhaustive list of every granular service within the University.  As UCD POST mobilises and matures, the services represented within each segment may be changed or added to.

Services Within Each Segment

Teaching – reflects the services that support teaching activities.

Researching – reflects the services that enable the leading, conducting and supporting of research activities.

University Living – reflects the services that enable us to live, work, and study in UCD.

Enabling Services – reflects the services that enable us to be best in class in delivering services to remain competitive, and to best support Teaching, Researching and University Living