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Please navigate the below section of the website to find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the UCD Programme for Operations and Services Transformation.

If you still have questions after reviewing the section below, please contact the UCD POST Programme Management Office for more information.



  • To create a better experience for our academics, students and staff
  • To better enable our teaching, research and our student and staff services through the integration of our processes, systems and supports
  • To enhance the skills, capabilities, supports for, and job roles of those who provide those processes, systems and supports
  • To better deliver our strategy and ambitions

To be better placed to respond to external demands and pressures

The ‘first wave’ was the name given to the first set of transformation projects that were undertaken by the programme. An initial backlog of transformation opportunities were available as part of this ‘first wave’. Projects included in the first wave were : Recruitment and Partnership CRM, Student Feedback, Review Options for MFA students, Enhancements for Human Capital Initiatives Projects, Online Programme Approvals and Enterprise Work Placement and Internships Solution

Service Leads are responsible for coordinating their Service Focus Segments (e.g. the services that are most suited to being in the Teaching and Learning segment, etc), working with the support units and local support offices, and working with the broader community to drive service-focused changes. The Service Leads report to the UMT Service Sub-Group and will bring projects to the group for approval on behalf of their segment. 

The UMT Service Group is the governance group responsible for UCD POST. The group was established to oversee the implementation of the Transformation of Services and Operations Programme, agreed by the University Management Team (UMT), in order to:

  • Create a better experience for UCD’s academics, students and staff; 
  • Better enable UCD’s teaching, our research and our student and staff services; 
  • Better deliver UCD’s strategy and ambitions; and
  • Better enable UCD to be resilient to external demands and pressures.

The Service Leads will support in the development of ideas making use of their network to aid the development of a project proposal and providing valuable inputs and insights to ensure your project is a success. UCD POST PMO can provide guidance on how to manage your projects while providing access to extremely useful project management templates developed in line with the IT PMO. There are also 9 funding principles in place to streamline the process of accessing funding for projects. 

The Service Leads are spread across four Segments: Teaching (Jeremy Britton), Researching (Andrea Forde), University Living (Suzanne Kealy) and Enabling Services ( Aoife MacGabhann). Please contact the Service Lead in which your service offering falls under.

No, not all projects need to be approved by UCD POST, the programme is in place to act as an enabler for transformation. It will support any initiative that encourages innovation but does not want to stifle the wider University’s transformation agenda. For more information on this please contact your Service Lead.

The UCD POST website will be updated on a regularly to capture all the projects that are currently in-flight for the programme. Please follow the link provided to see these projects . What is happening?

Nobody should have to seek formal approval to share good ideas. While we can’t define them all, there are many ways to have your voice heard and ideas shared, so you are encouraged to get involved.

Once raised the idea will be developed into a ‘Project Proposal’ template which is populated with specific information by the relevant ‘Service Lead’ to ensure it meets and aligns with the standard for which it can be considered by the programme. Once this is completed it will be brought to the UMT SG for consideration.

A workflow system is a platform that combines several discrete workflow tools into one cohesive application that automates processes involving both machine and human tasks, usually in a linear sequence.

The workflow platform is expected to be in place by Q2 2023.

  • UCD POST will make it easier for you to find what you're looking for by bringing the services we provide together in one place. 
  • We will reduce the time it takes for you to carry out everyday tasks. Be that making a grant application or applying for extenuating circumstances.
  • We will invest in you and your career at UCD, by providing you with the training, experiences, support and tools you need to thrive here. 

Finally we will always look for your feedback and constantly aim to adapt and improve our tools to make things better. To learn more about our Target Outcomes and Benefits please visit here.

The University has now established a functional Programme that is dedicated to the execution of initiatives that have been raised for delivering benefit across the university to our faculty, staff and students. Your voice will be heard, your concerns will be heard and we are now currently in a position to begin the delivery of our transformation programme

New processes will also be introduced where new systems are being implemented - effective ‘Change Management’ (Training / Upskilling) will be provided to ensure all staff become confident working with new systems and processes.

No people will not be losing their jobs as part of the programme. The objective of this programme is to achieve better services for students and staff, greater job satisfaction for everyone providing the services, and the elimination of many identified “pain points” that take time and energy away from more meaningful work. It is possible that the what some people do in their roles will change.

This programme has a significant remit and budget, it is designed to make the lives of staff, students and the whole of the university easier. It is therefore important that it is staffed with people who have the appropriate experience to ensure we get value from this transformation work. These roles are temporary and we will regularly be assessing and tracking benefits as a result of this programme.

POST Funding is a separate provision from current initiatives and therefore funding will not be removed from current projects. We will ensure that this is invested in projects which will provide value to the UCD community.