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POST Glossary T-Z

The purpose of the UCD POST Glossary is to serve as a resource to document specific terms, acronyms and phrases associated with the POST Programme.

Term, Acronym or Phrase Definition and/or Explanation
The 5 Whys This term is mentioned regularly within the POST documentation. It refers to the 5 established objectives of the POST Programme which are:
1) To create a better experience for our academics, students and staff.
2) To better enable our teaching, research and our student and staff services through the integration of our processes, systems and supports.
3) To enhance the skills, capabilities, supports for, and job roles of those who provide those processes, systems and supports.
4) To better deliver our strategy and ambitions.
5) To be better placed to respond to external demands and pressures. 
TOM / Future state operating model Target operating model: refers to the desired state of the operating model of an organisation. An operating model is a visual representation of how an organisation is run and delivers value. 
ToR Terms of Reference. Defines the purpose and structures of a project, committee, meeting, negotiation, or any similar collection of people who have agreed to work together to accomplish a shared goal. 
TPP Transformation Planning Process (The updated strand of the IT planning process).
UCD POST UCD Programme of Operations and Services Transformation.
UMT University Management Team.
Workstream A set of activities to be completed by an assembled team.