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University for All Faculty Partnership Programme

The Learning from UDL Leaders Case Studies Publication publication is now launched. This collection features case studies from each of the 26 Faculty Partners from all six UCD  Colleges and across a wide variety of disciplines and contexts. It represents a rich body of knowledge, learning and advice on embedding Universal Design and is an excellent how to guide for those seeking to do the same.

 an image of the front cover of the faculty partner publication with students in bright colours in the bottom and the title of publication above

Image: The front cover of the Faculty Partners Case Studies publication

**Local Spring Rollouts of the Digital Badge for Universal Design in Teaching & Learning are happening in:**

The University for All Faculty Partnership Programme is a collaboration between UCD Access & Lifelong Learning, UCD Teaching & Learning and UCD Equality, Diversity & Inclusion. It is a strategic project funded by the Higher Education Authority's Fund for Students with Disabilities. Project support is provided by Access & Lifelong Learning.

The Programme is designed to support and accelerate the implementation of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) throughout the University. It offers a structured opportunity to undertake the Universal Design for Learning training, to qualify as a UDL Facilitator, and become a role model who will persuade and influence others as to the merits of inclusion for all students. Participation will enable faculty to become recognised leaders in the field of access and inclusion and the implementation of Universal Design.

This Faculty Partnership Programme is intended to develop the confidence and skills of participants in order to support colleagues with the implementation of UDL and the creation of an inclusive educational environment for our diverse cohort of students. Participants will also have opportunities to share learning and experience from individual and programmatic perspectives and contribute to the further development of an inclusive university.

17 Faculty Partners from across the University were appointed in June 2021 with a further 9 being appointed in November 2021 and January 2022. Faculty Partners are developing individual case studies, showcasing their implementation of UDL. They presented this work at the University for All Symposium in May 2022. 

A new case studies publication has just been launched in February 2023, which is titled 'Learning from UDL leaders: UCD University for All Faculty Partner Case Study'. This publication includes all 26 faculty partners. The case studies are categorised by the college department, as these Faculty Partners teams have been collaborating to integrate UDL into their fields of study and have formed leadership teams to spread UDL throughout their disciplines.

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