UCD Researchers with Global Impact: 2019-2020

In a UCD first, a UCD marketing manager and the external relations manager co-led on a pilot multimedia communications project. Its goal was to raise the profile of UCD’s research quality among targeted international academic audiences.

To do so, a campaign approach was taken to promoting content showcasing three UCD researchers across selected websites and social media. In order to attract and hold the attention of a discerning academic audience, the content would need to be of a high standard: both credible and compelling. Thus, the goal was to create “cinema-standard” video on a limited budget.

The video narratives and written profiles were based on in-depth interviews with Dick Ahlstrom, an award-winning scientific correspondent with The Irish Times. He brought his credibility with the researchers in translating their science in a more entertaining and engaging way, without minimising its integrity.

The outputs were a suite of three research profile videos, landing pages, detailed researcher profiles, short 30” video cut-downs and display adverts which ran on targeted international websites and social media to help the desired audience to discover the content.

Professor Walter Kolch, Director of the Systems Biology Ireland Laboratory at UCD


 Associate Professor Sheila McBreen, UCD School of Physics


 Professor Barry Smyth, UCD Digital Chair of Computer Science