UCD Think Bigger: 2018-2021

Based on extensive domestic and international market research UCD University Relations created a unique multi annual brand marketing campaign for the 2018-2021 cycle that distinguished UCD from competitive universities both domestically and internationally, allowing UCD to build consistency while addressing different audiences across individual campaigns. Rooted in an expression 'True Enlargement of Mind' from UCD Founding Rector John Henry Newman's The Idea of a University the brand platform was 'Think bigger, go further, learn more' or 'Think Bigger' for short. 

Domestic Undergraduate Campaigns

Undergraduate advertising campaigns are part of a robust programme of university-wide activities, specifically communicating with school-leavers, their parents and teachers and mature students. These advertising campaigns ensure firstly that students and stakeholders nationwide are aware of the UCD Open Day, and subsequently express the benefits of the UCD curriculum and the wider UCD student experience via UCD's main CAO campaign and CAO Change of Mind campaign.

Graduate/Taught Masters Campaigns

Through coordinated annual graduate advertising campaigns, UCD promotes its broad range of specialist graduate programmes to prospective students. These campaigns highlight the benefits of studying at graduate level at UCD.

 International Students

University Relations supports UCD Global in overseas student marketing activity, targeting undergraduate and graduate students in selected regions at key points in the international student recruitment cycle.