How does UniShare fit into the USM?

UniShare is a simple tool that ensures that everyone has access to the information they need, when they need it.

What is UniShare?

UniShare is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool for recording interactions with students, prospective students and staff. It can be used to access information relating to previous queries, track responses and refer queries to other areas or individual. UniShare also provides detailed reports and statistics, allowing an overview of emerging business trends, planning staffing levels and informing changes or updates to services.

Who uses it?

It is used in a number of areas across the university including:

  • Programme-level offices in all Colleges
  • Student Advisers in all Colleges
  • UCD Registry
  • Information Desks in all UCD Libraries
  • Access & Lifelong Learning

How does UniShare work as part of the USM?

With the focus of providing a consistently high level of support to students across the university, the system assists in co-ordination and consistency among staff. It allows all team members to quickly and easily get up-to-speed with the status of student cases. The system also provides a referable record of decisions agreed actions and other outcomes arising from all interactions. The team are unified in their approach to student supports with the help of UniShare.

In a USM-Live office, UniShare is  used in the following instances:

  • In any 1-to-1 interaction that takes place between a member of your team and a student.
  • In any interaction with a staff member that involves an individual student

What have UniShare users said?

In our rollout of UniShare so far, we’ve heard quite a bit from those using the system to support their services:

Sharing – Being able to share information between members of the team is very useful. Also, the functionality to share information between the office and the school/Student Desk/Student Advisers is seen as a significant opportunity moving forward.

Complete picture – Having a complete picture of the student’s interactions with the team is very useful for everyone involved. Staff have the full picture of the student's previous interactions with the office and can provide a consistently high standard of support based on this.

Less Guesswork – Reduces the amount of guesswork/anecdotal evidence from previous interactions.

Saves Time - Both for staff and students. Acts as a good source of information at first contact meaning less time revisiting paper-notes or trying to decipher what the student was told or by whom.

Clarity – Provides a clearer picture of what support has previously been given.

As more users come on board, further feedback will be gathered and used to inform developments and enhancements to the system to ensure that it achieves more for everyone. 

If you are interested in learning more about UniShare or would like to arrange training for your team, please get in touch!