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The Remote Working Group

The Remote Working Group

Who are we?

The USM Remote Working Group is a collection of staff in operational & support roles across the University. The USM Project Team has been bringing this group together since the move to remote working in 2020 right through to the recent transition to hybrid working.

The questions that the RWG was set up to answer was:

"How do I know what the best way to do this thing is now that I'm not always in the office anymore?"

“This thing" could be as mundane or complex as the various bits of work we’re all involved in.

Since its creation it has evolved into much more than this with members coming along each week from:

  • School and College Offices
  • Access and Lifelong Learning
  • Careers
  • Conferring
  • Estates
  • Finance
  • Global
  • HR
  • Innovation Academy
  • IT Services
  • Registry
  • Research
  • IT Services

These colleagues use the group to plug into an information flow that might be relevant to them and the work that they do. It is also a dynamic forum for sharing information between service users and service providers.

Those in frontline roles, such as colleagues in Colleges and Schools can use the RWG to raise common issues or needs. Central areas like Assessment, Room Allocations and IT Services can use the group to push updates through the group’s members who can take these updates back to their teams. Issues that arise in the group are often relevant to a particular piece of work that is happening at that point in time and are generally addressed by the units involved quickly and dynamically.

The group meets every Thursday for 45 minutes at 10:30, via Zoom. There are over 200+ staff on the mailing list that get each meeting's notes, and usually about 40 people at each meeting.

Google Currents

Between meetings, members interact with each other through a Google Currents community called the USM Community Hub, which also serves as a repository of information for new members. 

Want to join in the conversation? Simply click on the link and "Ask To Join" on the left hand side.

Key Principles

We ran a workshop in early 2021 with members of the group to solidify the principles of the group, which are a nice description of what someone joining the group or coming to a meeting can expect.

  1. We welcome all and any members of staff to the group - even multiple people from the same team - and we are welcoming to new members.
  2. We share information that our colleagues may benefit from knowing across various online platforms.
  3. We welcome questions from all members and everyone has an equal opportunity to share information, experiences and ideas.
  4. We treat all members with dignity and respect.
  5. This group facilitates connecting with colleagues across the wider UCD community.
  6. Available to anyone regardless of working arrangements (remote or on campus).

Want to know more?

If you are interested in getting involved with the Remote Working Group, or simply would like some more information, please send an email to usm@ucd.ie.