USM Learning Team 

The purpose of the Learning Team is to bring people together to glean their insights, expertise and ideas to inform the rollout of the USM. As an open space for collaboration and co-creation, the members of the Learning Team inform the ongoing rollout process by sharing their experiences of rolling out the USM their own area or office. 

The Learning Team was established during Phase 1 of the USM Rollout with representation from each of the offices in this Phase. 

As well as bringing their expertise and experience, the Learning Team members are champions for the rollout of the USM in their area. 

One of the developments requested by the Learning Team was an infographic detailing the major milestones of the rollout at a high level. This document outlines the timeline of the rollout and the key points to note. We hope to develop this timeline in more detail with some of the Learning Team members to create a full picture of the key dates, workshops and commitments for each of the teams under the USM remit. 

During Phase 2 of the USM Rollout to Schools we successfully incorporated the Schools into the USM Community through the Remote Working Group. Building on the USM Learning Team, this weekly-meeting group has brought together over 90 colleagues from a range of School, College and central units to share insights, discuss and find solutions to common issues. This group has proven very effective for sharing information, ideas, and instilling a sense of community during a challenging time. 

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