Tools for USM Teams

The Unified Support Model supports the delivery and development of student supports in College & School offices and Registry, making it easier for our colleagues to deliver these supports, teams to manage their environments, and the University to enable a consistently high level of supports across UCD.  

Over the last eighteen months we (USM Rollout Team) have worked with teams on the rollout and implementation of the Unified Support Model; Systems and Process are just two aspects of the Model. This has included staff training and development in using UniShare, Contact Forms and Process Mapping techniques.

226 staff in programme-level offices and Registry are now USM Live. This means they are using UniShare to capture all one-to-one student interactions taking place in their unit or office; the data from UniShare can be used to inform effective and efficient planning. Each area has also engaged with Process Mapping during the Rollout Process, and they will engage with establishing Common Processes to ensure a unified experience for students and staff across UCD. Recently we have began rolling out UniShare to the schools in the Colleges of Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences & Law, and Science.

As more teams have come on-board with the USM, we have developed some User Guides for UniShare and a Process Map Compendium for reference. We have also worked with our colleagues who have developed new approaches or tools to support and enhance their work (e.g. compliance and registration checks) to share what they have done with their colleagues.


15 February 2021 Update - Distributed Office "DO" Training

We facilitated some workshops as part of Work Smarter Together's "DO" Training series in December and January.

One was on Ad Hoc Query Resolution and focused on how best to contact those on our teams for quick questions in the absence of a physical office. The workshop explored the use of Google Currents as a tool to keep up to date and share information quickly and without relying heavily on email. You can find out more about Google Currents here

A second workshop on Joining a Team Remotely was born out of the needs identified in the Ad Hoc Query Resolution workshop. This was a session for those who manage others on how best to integrate a new or returning team member in a remote setting. From the needs identified in this and the Ad Hoc Query Workshop we created a Checklist for New Joiners template which can be accessed on Google Drive


26 January 2021 Update - UniShare Training Videos

Given that we now provide remote training for UniShare over Zoom rather than in person, we identified the need for asynchronous learning to take place. Having a recording of the training sessions now means that users who either cannot make it to the live training demonstrations, or need a refresher, can do so in their own time, any time. It is hoped that a recorded demonstration of UniShare will make the training more widely accessible and could also be a helpful resource for new joiners to teams that are already making use of UniShare. 

UView Buddy

Gregori Meakin (Arts & Humanites Office) has created an Excel workbook that works with the UView Module Details report into to assist with analysisng student records and running compliance checks quickly and precisely. Using Excel and conditional formatting to process the data, Gregori has produced a tool which can help his colleagues in the Arts & Humanities Office, and in other College and School offices across campus, to easily see a full and accurate picture of a student’s record and registration.

An up to date version of Gregori’s workbook can be found in our shared Google Drive resource

UniShare User Guides           

The UniShare Guidelines for Record Maintenance were reviewed and amended in light of the feedback we have received from the USM offices and from the Learning Team. The outputs from the UniShare User's Coffee Morning raised the need for further clarity on what and when to record in UniShare. We also have some basic User Guides on how to use UniShare and UniShare Reporting. These User Guides will support the continued and consistent use of UniShare across the USM Live offices.

Process Map Compendium   

The Process Map Compendium provides a collection of the processes mapped by each team in the Process Mapping workshops to date. It can be used as a reference point for teams (e.g. for training), or as a guide to processes that may not currently employed by offices, or are managed elsewhere.


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