Distributed Office "DO" Training Resources

DO Ad Hoc Query Resolution

This workshop looks to the way we work together, as a team, on a day-to-day basis addressing the question of "How can I keep my team connected and informed while working remotely?"

In this workshop we identified using Google Currents as a way of meeting the needs of teams working together in the distributed office. 

Team Leads

This document outlines how to set up and manage a Currents Community for your team.

DO Ad Hoc Queries - Guide to setting up Google Currents


If you are interested in joining Currents as an individual, this document gives you a quick overview of how to join and of some FAQs for new joiners. 

Introduction to Currents


DO Joining a Team Remotely

Even for well-established teams, getting on top of the day-to-day can be challenging. For new members of a team, this can be an often isolating, sometimes overwhelming experience. This session aims to provide some answers to the questions “How can I make sure my new team members know what they need to know and are learning what they don’t yet know?” and “How do I get new team members up to speed and part of our team culture?”

In this workshop we identified the needs of new and returning staff members in the Distributed Office environment. Informed by these needs, we created a checklist template for Team Leads to use when onboarding new and returning staff remotely. You can access the template on Google Drive