UCDVH News: Small Animal Medical Oncology Department

The UCD Veterinary Hospital has recently opened a Small Animal Medical Oncology Department, with Dr Amy Koterbay leading this busy unit.  Amy received her master’s degree in Veterinary Anatomy and Histology at Auburn University in 1999 before going on to complete her Veterinary degree from the University of Glasgow in 2006. Following her graduation from Glasgow, she completed a rotating internship at a private practice in Pennsylvania, where she then continued onto her medical oncology residency at Michigan State University, passing her Board exams in medical oncology in 2014. She is a member of the Veterinary Cancer Society and the International Association for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care.  

Since joining the UCD Veterinary Hospital last year, Amy has worked to build up the Small Animal Medical Oncology Department and the interest in this area has exceeded all our expectations.  Key to this service is Amy’s approach to patient care; Amy thoroughly reviews the pet’s medical history from the referring veterinarian prior to the patient’s initial visit. Once seen, a physical exam is performed to help decide on the necessary diagnostic tests and to determine the next best step for the patient in terms of diagnosis and staging.  These tests typically include tumour biopsy, radiographs, ultrasonography or CT scans, all of which can be carried out at the UCDVH. Amy takes a holistic approach to discussing prognosis, treatment options and potential side effects with clients/referring veterinarians, before deciding together on the treatment plan best suited for that patient. Treatments are often multi-modalities and can include surgery, chemotherapy and palliative care. Each patient is different, and the appropriate treatment plan is individualised with the same ultimate goal of providing the pet with the best possible quality of life. By virtue of a specific schedule covering Universities within the Animal Remedies Regulations, UCDVH is fortunate in its ability to obtain authorization for many human chemotherapeutic products not licensed within Ireland. The enhanced availability of additional medicines provides the opportunity to better refine specific treatment protocols to specific patients.

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