Equine Field Service Rotation - The Student Experience

UCD School of Veterinary Medicine student Larissa Menke talks about our Equine Field Service (EFS) rotation, which has proven to be her favourite clinical rotation so far.  The EFS rotation has given Larissa the tools needed to feel safe and confident in approaching and handling the treatment of horses and has also helped her to develop her skills in working with clients.  It has also allowed Larissa to further develop her critical thinking skills in order to problem solve when out in the field; honing her communication and teamwork skills have also been key to working on this rotation.  Whilst Larissa's primary interest post-graduation remains in a very different area (whales, dolphins and turtles!), she feels more confident in her day one skills after completing the EFS rotation and has greatly enjoyed her time in UCD - she highly recommends the warm and welcoming student experience at the UCD School of Veterinary Medicine!