Thesis in 3 - John Gleeson progresses to Final


Thesis in 3 - John Gleeson progresses to Final

Thesis in 3 is an exciting national competition for research students from all over Ireland who have just 3 slides and 3 minutes to explain an entire thesis. The competition is designed to showcase the world-class research happening in Ireland in bite-sized chunks.

John Gleeson Thesis in 3  group

Thesis in 3 is a national competition that challenges PhD students like myself from all over Ireland to explain their beloved research. The challenge is to explain an entire thesis with just 3 slides in 3 minutes. Seems easy on the surface. It also has to be for a general audience! Sure I could bore everyone with the complexities of the role small peptides play in reducing the action of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme in the Renin-Angiotensin system. Or I could tell you how surf and turf and my research could help reduce the risks of high blood pressure. My talk "Surf and Turf - The Real Superfoods" was voted the winner of the UCD heat and will go forward to the Universitas 21 - 3 Minute Thesis international final. 

John Gleeson Thesis in 3 - John presenting

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