‌UCD Centre for Veterinary Epidemiology and Risk Analysis (CVERA)

The UCD Centre for Veterinary Epidemiology and Risk Analysis (UCD CVERA) is the national resource centre for veterinary epidemiology in Ireland, located within the UCD School of Veterinary Medicine. The Centre was initially established as the Tuberculosis Investigation Unit, but in recent years has broadened its remit to cover a wide range of international, national and local animal health matters, including:

  • Epidemiological support for the control and eradication of regulatory animal diseases, which includes national programmes for bovine tuberculosis, bovine brucellosis and bovine spongiform encephalopathy
  • Epidemiological support for a broad range of other animal health and welfare issues relating to emergency animal disease preparedness and response (for example, avian influenza, bluetongue and equine infectious anaemia), on-farm investigations, welfare of farmed livestock and horses, health of companion animals and farmed fish, and international collaboration
  • Work in support of Animal Health Ireland, which is seeking to provide a proactive, coordinated and industry-led approach in Ireland to non-regulatory animal health concerns (such as mastitis, fertility and infectious bovine rhinotracheitis)

To find out more about CVERA's current activities, please see the quarterly CVERA e-zines below:

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