24 MAY 2019

Research Toolbox

RCVS research grant

Applications are still open for a (£20,000) research grant dedicated to Sarah Brown, an RCVS council member who sadly passed away. The deadline is May 31st. The grant funds research into mental health and wellbeing within the veterinary professions. Please find more information here and share in your networks:


Aideen Cresswell Bursary Award 2020


Aideen Cresswell Bursury 2020

Health Research Regulations

7th August 2019 is the deadline for bringing all research that uses personal information for health-related research, which was already ongoing by 8 August 2018, in line with the HRR. By that date all research that is covered by the Regulation needs to be compliant already. 

Existing health-related research that uses personal information will have to be urgently check by the researcher or research team to find out what steps are required to achieve compliance by 7th August 2019.

Most research that uses personal data will need to make a consent declaration application to the HRCDC. To assure that compliance can be achieved in time, the application needs to be submitted before or by 7th July 2019. Even if an application is not fully complete by that date, it is strongly advised to submit what is available by that date, with the view to provide additional details to the HRCDC Secretariat over the following weeks. Further information can be found at www.hrcdc.ie.

Research Impact Case Study Competition

This year’s Research Impact Case Study Competition launched in April. The competition aims to build capacity throughout UCD in the area of capturing research impact and encourages researchers in all disciplines to consider the wider societal and economic impact of their research, and to articulate it in a case study.  

Support workshops for the competition which teach researchers about impact and how to capture and communicate it, are being held on campus. Details of the competition and workshops are available at www.ucd.ie/impactcompetition. Winners and runners-up will be awarded their prizes in a ceremony on Monday 2 December, from 12pm to 2pm, in the UCD Research Boardroom.

For further information about the competition please contact David Bennett, UCD Research Impact Officer – David.Bennett@ucd.ie.