What to Expect When You Visit

Regular business hours: 8.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday ??

  • Drive up to the gates and ring the bell – this will notify the receptionist who will trigger the gate to open and allow you to enter. Pull into the yard and park your trailer so that the patient can be unloaded on the pavement or at the elevated chute – whichever is appropriate for your situation

After business hours: Between 5.00pm and 8.30am, Monday to Friday, all weekends & bank holidays ??

  • Drive up to the gates and call (01) 716 6001. The Intern on duty will then open the gate and meet you in the yard. Please stay with your vehicle to make it easier for our staff to find you. Do not unload your horse before talking to the Intern so we can direct you to the appropriate barn before unloading

BEFORE UNLOADING: please check in at Reception, which is located through the doors in the building on your left as you drive through the gate. Reception staff will collect information on the patient, including all pertinent patient records, radiographs, passports, etc. which you should bring with you for the visit. A member of staff will meet you in Reception to help you unload your horse and direct you to the appropriate barn. ??

  • The Intern and/or a student will take any additional history and perform an initial physical examination. A Senior Clinician will then review the entire history and examination process with the student and determine the clinical status and plan for the patient. This is a valuable learning experience for tomorrow’s veterinarians. The Senior Clinician will explain the treatment plan with the owner or authorised representative of the owner. At the same time a cost estimate* will be prepared based on the projected course of treatment. 


  • Surgical cases will be admitted to the UCDVH one day prior to surgery for evaluation and will remain at the Hospital at least one day after surgery. Longer stays will be at the Clinician's discretion.  Medicine (including Foal Unit), Reproduction, Ophthalmology and Pain Management cases will be evaluated by a Senior Clinician upon arrival to determine the length of stay.