Image of clinician holding a dogInsured Pets

  • Please contact your insurance company to register your claim and bring your Insurance Policy to the appointment with a completed Insurance Claim Form, if possible
  • Please ensure that your insurance is valid and that you have started a claim for this problem with the referring vet
  • If the total bill is less than €100, you will need to pay the UCDVH and make a direct claim yourself
  • If the bill is higher than €100, UCDVH Accounts may be able to claim on your behalf
  • Unfortunately, if you have insurance with a UK based company, we are unable to claim directly for you.  The balance on your account will be payable on or before the day of discharge.  In this instance, please bring your claim form with you for completion by the clinician so you can make the claim directly with your Insurance Company

Please remember to bring your Insurance Policy documents with you on the day of consultation

UCD Veterinary Hospital can facilitate direct claims from most insurance companies in the Republic of Ireland, dependent on the following conditions:

  • The pet is covered by an up-to-date and active insurance policy taken out with a company that is based in the Republic of Ireland
  • The symptoms or conditions being claimed for did not occur before the start date of the policy or are not excluded as part of the policy terms and conditions
  • The owner presents their policy document to the finance desk on the morning of the initial appointment
  • Any policy excess is paid at time of discharge

Claim Forms

You may find it useful to complete/partially complete your insurance claim form in advance of your visit.*

Allianz (PetPlan)

 *RSA and Tesco must be contacted directly for their pet insurance claim forms